We believe in coevolutionary professionalism for and with our stakeholders. Here you can follow our universal project scopes for a typical project in our professional fields. If you are interested in a more customized project, please keep us in the loop.


Inspired by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) guide, our general approach in steering the projects is as follows

  • 1

    Define a current or potential problem that you would like to be solved;

  • 2

    Negotiate the scope, time, budget, and quality of the project;

  • 3

    Scan and analyze the problem(s) from a complex systems perspective;

  • 4

    Communicate by continuously giving and getting feedbacks;

  • 5

    Prepare our multilateral solutions by mix of the research methodologies;

  • 6

    Align and disseminate outcomes of the project in desired scale(s);

  • 7

    Brief you about our after-sale services and loyalty programs.


We offer world-class, on-site and remote, consulting as well as tutorial projects in our professional fields. Our strength lies in our coevolving deep transdisciplinary body of knowledge, mature experience, core competencies, skills, as well as relying upon the latest analytical models and tools during the projects in our professional fields.

SUDEC Project
Sustainably transform your triple bottom lines over time
Sustainably differentiate your supply/value chain systems in the market
Comply with/adapt to the sustainable development legislations and norms
Increase effectiveness and efficiency
Reduce transactional and total costs
Increase revenue and market share
Optimize levels of service and increase customers' and consumers' satisfaction
Sustainably co-develop your products, processes, and organizational resources in relationship with your supply/value chain stakeholders
Improve your performance in relationship with your supply/value chain stakeholders
Increase traceability in relationship with your supply/value chain stakeholders
Co-adapat and coevolve your strategies with your supply/value chain stakeholders
Lead by delegating responsibilities to your supply/value chain stakeholders
Share gains and risks with your supply/value chain stakeholders
Analyze different types of interaction among the functional silos over time
Steer patterns of corporate behavior toward desired outcomes over time
Asses context dependencies in different scales over time
Increase your capacity for multi-criteria decision making over time